Our company provides quality repair sound equipment, lighting equipment, processors and other electronic equipment intended for clubs and concert halls. When repairing and restoring instruments we use authentic parts and components from renowned manufacturers.

Repair of lighting equipment: recovery, prevention and care


The equipment, made in different countries is different, as a rule, unknown to a wide range of users. That is why the repair of lighting equipment and its maintenance should be entrusted to professionals who have extensive experience. Specialists of our company that supplies equipment and accessories from England, Italy, China, Russia and other countries that have the practical skills of repair and restoration techniques.

We perform a quick and quality repairs of lasers with cleaning and debugging sophisticated electronic control systems for light. Our engineers performed well as replacement of diodes and lamps of different brands. Masters will clean the equipment with a complete disassembly, it is easy to restore the lighting equipment after significant damage or poor repair. Direct cooperation with manufacturers of light makes it possible to repair even with the loss of important details.

Professional repair of acoustics: its debugging and tuning


To get the perfect sound to not only accurately repair acoustics, but also fine-tune the equipment. This can be done only by highly qualified professionals. Our experts are ready to make repairs audio amplifier with its subsequent debugging and testing.

We supply equipment for discos, well aware of its specificity, and therefore can carry out repairs quality DJ equipment. The use of original parts and the knowledge of the design features allow us to repair the mixer, CD and vinyl record players, and other similar equipment.