Sale and installation of sound, light and video equipment.
We offer a full range of technical equipment of schools and organizations.
• Installation of sound, light and video equipment for all types of entertainment venues, clubs, discos, shopping and entertainment centers.
• Set the background sound in restaurants, cafes, shopping, entertainment and sports complexes, catering establishments.
• Architectural lighting of buildings warm and cool light, mainly for buildings with classical architecture first.
• Art lighting of building facades with the help of LED devices with low power consumption and long service life.
• Installation of plasma screens, projectors, interactive floors and other audio-visual systems.
• Promotional logo light projections on the street and indoors, static and moving on any surface of any complexity.

• Resident Engineer on the object (s)
• The acoustic calculation and simulation facilities
• Advice on equipment selection
• Advice regarding the power
• Delivery of equipment
• Installation and laying of cables, sound
• Commissioning
• Training of staff
• Guarantee service
• Life-support information / advice
To us you can apply for the installation of a "turnkey" as well as for any of the listed items. Working in Estonia a week.